Payment Card Acceptance TrainingPayment Card Acceptance Training

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***PCI DSS Training for 2022***

The training below replaces the Payment Card Acceptance Best Practices training.  Online Payment Card & PCI DSS Training:  To complete the training, please click on the link below, or visit the FS Training Page, and select Payment Card Acceptance/E-Commerce. You will be asked to log in with your Unid and your CIS password.  The quiz at the end is a Confidentiality Agreement that must be completed.  Thank you!

Payment Card Acceptance/Ecommerce Training and Testing

Group Training: Training for departments with large numbers of staff may do a Group Training.  Please view the training together and have them sign the form.  This form will serve as their Confidentiality Agreement.

Group Training Form

Other Training:

UMarket Step by Step Guide

UMarket Refund Procedure   /  UMarket Refund Form

Clientline Training – coming soon


How-To Guides: