How to Reconcile your Payment Card


Follow the steps below in order to locate the account for the funds obtained through your stand alone payment card terminal.


  • Reconcile your Payment Card transactions daily.
  • Batch out or Settle your terminal daily, or be sure it is set to auto-settle.
  • Send your settlement report with your daily departmental deposit form.
    • Make sure the settlement report does not contain the full card numbers.
    • The report must come from the terminal, it cannot be a report you create from receipts.

STEP 2 (if you have more than one terminal per merchant account)

  • Log into Wells Fargo Clientline.
  • Print the FUNDING report for the day and total amount of all your terminal settlements.
  • Send the Clientline Report as your back-up with your Department Deposit.
  • For assistance with Clientline – view the online training here.

What if I can’t find a deposit or transaction?

Call the Wells Fargo Help Desk at 1-800-451-5817 or Income Accounting at 585-5686 for assistance.

What if we only use our terminal or register once a year?

No problem.  Be sure Income Accounting and Student Loans has your account flagged as “Seasonal”.  Your account will remain active for the next time you need to use it. No reconciliation during your down time is necessary.