How to Reconcile Transactions

Run through a 3rd Party

Follow the steps below in order to locate reconcile the funds obtained through your payment card software.


  • Enroll in Clientline and American Express Online Merchant Services (OMS).
  • Complete the training for using Clientline and American Express OMS.


  • Reconcile your transactions daily.
  • Your 3rd Party Vendor must provide a list of daily transactions. Pull a report or ask the Vendor for this list.


  • Log into Wells Fargo Clientline and/or American Express Online Merchant Services.
  • Find the funding report for the batch(s).  *Remember: The deposit dates will be one or two days later than your transaction dates. Deposits are the NET amount of all the transactions within one business day, deposited by Card Type (Visa/MC/Discover and American Express).
  • Match match amounts by day & card type from your reports to the deposits listed in Clientline.


  • Prepare a Departmental Deposit form.
  • Send  the signed DR form with a copy of theClientline funding report to Income Accounting and Student Loan Services.
    • Make sure that reports sent to Income Accounting do not contain the full card numbers.

What if I can’t find a deposit or transaction?

Call the Wells Fargo Help Desk at 1-800-451-5817 or Income Accounting at 585-5686 for assistance.

What if we only use our merchant account once a year?

No problem. Your account will remain active for the next time you need to use it. No reconciliation during your down time is necessary.