Terminal/Point of Sale

Equipment – 12 month replacement warranty (Prices subject to change)

  • POS Terminals:
    • FD130– $325, monthly rental $59.99
      • Specifications
      • Dual Communication: Dial Up Analog line OR High Speed Connection (Firewall needed)
      • EMV (chip & pin) ready
      • Can truncate the card number on both receipts and the reports
      • Uses thermal paper to print out consecutive receipts
      • Menu driven (like an ATM)
      • Auto Close
      • External Pin Pad (FD35) available for purchase for $180, monthly rental $24.99 – EMV capable
      • FD130 Swivel Stand: quickly gives customer access to enter their pin number.
    • FD200Ti– $530 monthly, $69.99 monthly rental
      • Specifications
      • Dual Communication: Dial Up Analog line OR High Speed Connection (Firewall needed)
      • Same features as the FD100
      • Additional feature: supports TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance
      • has inkjet franking printer for printing VOID on the face of the check
    • External Pin Pad available for purchase for $230, monthly rental $24.99
  • FD410 GT Wireless– $600 topurchase, monthly rental $79.99, EMV ready.  Similar toFD400.
    • Specifications
    • EMV ready.  Chip & pin technology.
    • Wireless Terminal, $15 monthly wireless access fee, per unit, $25 one time set up fee per unit
    • Uses AT&T as the wireless provider
    • Uses thermal paper to print out consecutive receipts
    • Store and Forward feature (if no signal) – the card/transaction can be swiped and completed and then later, when a signal is available the machine/staff can run the authorization requests.
    • Internal pin pad only


UMarket is a shopping cart created by the University for Departments to accept online payments.  UMarket can be used for selling merchandise, collecting conference registration & fees, or event tickets. The benefits of using UMarket are:

  • UMarket uses University approved branding, but can be customized to look cohesive with your department’s website.
  • The shopping cart is assigned a URL that is department specific.
  • UMarket uses a secure payment page hosted by the Wells Fargo Gateway.
  • All deposits are automatically updated to your department chartfields.
  • Cardholders are sent a confirmation email of their order.
  • Departments are notified when an order has been completed.
  • The department contact has access to transaction history through the UMarket administravie module and through CIS.
  • Access to UMarket uses the Campus Authentication System, and can be role specific. (Editor, Manager, Customer Service)

Accepting Donations Online:

  • If you would like to accept donations through your website, please contact the Development Office. They must be involved with the donation process for a) accounting purposes; and b) so your donors can receive proper tax documentation.


Third Party Processing

A Third Party is a commercially available service or software that processes payment cards, usually in conjunction with other services provided by the department, or that meets department management/record keeping needs.

  • Before pursuing a contract with a Third Party, check with Purchasing to see if a Request for Proposal (RFP) is needed.
  • Third Party Vendors that host the payment process off-campus is preferred.
  • All Third Party Vendors used by a University Department must be PCI DSS Compliant. See the list of Approved Third Party Service Providers.
  • You must complete a Request for Approval to Use a Third Party Vendor
  • Third Party payment applications (software) are subject to University IT policy, standardization, and associated costs.  See Requirements and Costs for more details.