How To Do Refunds:

Follow the steps listed below to ensure that you and your customer are protected when you accept their payment card.

  • If a cardholder requests a refund you must receive approval from a supervisor for dual control.
  • The refund must be issued to the SAME CARD number that was used in the original transaction
  • The refund must be issued using the SAME MODE ofprocessingthatwas used for the original transaction.
    • For Example: If the original transaction was processed online using UPay, a refund can not be issued using your credit card terminal. The two modes of payment have different merchant numbers and the refund may not be recognized, resulting in a chargeback.
  • The refund amount may only be UP TO the amount of the original transaction (not more than the original transaction amount).
  • The following items will outline how a refund is completed for different modes of processing.


  • 99% of the time, a refund can be issued using the reference # on the receipt of the original transaction.
  • If the full card number is required, and you do not have it, please call the 24 Hour Merchant Help Desk @ 1-800-451-5817
  • Include the refund in your daily totals and on your Departmental Deposit.


  • If the original transaction occurred through UMarket, the refund must be processed through UMarket.
  • All UMarket transactions are processed through Income Accounting.  Follow the refund procedure and send the refund request form to Sherrie Johnson
  • DO NOT use another form of processing as a short cut.

3rd Party Vendors:

  • Access ClientLine for your transaction summary. This MUST be included as your back-up with your departmental deposit.
  • Be sure what you book with your departmental deposit matches the ClientLine report.
  • Include the refund in your daily totals and on your Departmental Deposit.
  • For access to ClientLine, contact