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Summary of Grants and Contracts (Projects in Fund 5000) by OrgID

  • Description: Grant/Contract PTD by Org


  • Summary of budget/revenue/expense for Projects in Fund 5000
  • Includes Budget, Actuals, Encumbered, and Balance Available as of month end specified
    • Non-personal encumbrances for prior months may differ from what was printed on the paper management reports
    • Thermidor balances are included in the July report
  • Includes Project specific attributes
  • Includes ARRA and IDP


  • Inputs—required fields denoted by an asterisk (*):
    • OrgID
    • OrgID Rollup (select “Yes” to include all Orgs that rollup to the specified Org)
    • *Calendar Month (e.g. Jan = 1)
    • *Calendar Year
    • Include Inactive Projects (Yes/No)
    • Include Future Projects (Yes/No)
    • AE or PI (Responsible Person) EMPLID (leave blank to return all AE/PI’s)
    • Project (leave blank to return all Projects)
    • ARRA Awards only? (check the box to view only ARRA awards)
    • IDP Awards only? (check the box to view only IDP Awards)
    • ARRA and IDP Awards only? (check both the ARRA and IDP Award boxes)

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