Financial & Human Resources Information Library

Financial Security in Business Unit 01 by Org

  • Folder: SECURITY
  • Description: Financial Security by Org



  • Inputs–required fields denoted by an asterisk (*):
    • *OrgID
    • Rollup? (select “Yes” to include all Orgs that rollup to the specified Org)
    • Include Inactive? — Expand search to include inactive OrgID’s, Activities, and Projects
    • EMPLID—Limit results to a particular Employee (leave blank to return all)
  • Output Columns:
    • Name — Name of Employee who has access
    • Emplid — Emplid of Employee who has access
    • Level — Corresponds to Access Level Sections (1-4) on Security Authorization Forms
      • Level 1 : Security based on OrgID (and possibly Fund within OrgID)
      • Level 2 : Security based on Account Executive or PI
      • Level 3 : Security based on explicit Activity
      • Level 4 : Security based on explicit Project
    • Orgid/RspPers/Activity/Project — Financial Security Form OrgID, Resp Person (PI), Activity, Project
    • O/R/A/P Description — Description of previous field whether Orgid, Resp Person, Activity, Project
    • CF Status — Status of Orgid, Activity, Project
    • O/A/P Responsible Person — Responsible Person (PI) of the Orgid, Activity, Project
    • O/A/P Reports to Orgid — Rollup Orgid of Orgid, Activity, Project
    • EBT — Employee has Payroll Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes Report access

Security Authorization:

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