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Evidence of Review – Project

  • Folder: EOR
  • Description: Evidence of Review – Project


University policy requires that monthly Management Reports are reviewed each month. “Evidence of Review” is required. This FIL provides an overview of the financial transactions on the Project during the specified month. This information can be used to begin the process of reviewing the Management Reports. The results can be downloaded and copied in to an EOR template. The EOR template can be printed. The printed copy can be signed to provide “Evidence of Review” of the Monthly Management Report.


  • Inputs—required fields denoted by an asterisk (*):
    • *Account Executive ID – This is the Account Executive for the chosen month/year combination.
    • OrgID (Optional)
    • *Last day of Month (mm/dd/yyyy)


The “Evidence of Review – Project” FIL provides the following results:

  • Org
  • Fund
  • Project
  • Project Description
  • Current Month Revenue
  • Project to Date Revenue
  • Start Date
  • Fund End
  • Current Budget
  • Current Month Expense
  • Project to Date Expense
  • Current Encumbrance
  • Budget Balance Available

These results are the same as the found in the monthly Management Reports.


Copy the results of the report into the EOR template. Paste as text when copying from the report to the EOR template to preserve formatting.

Evidence of Review template.

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