Financial & Human Resources Information Library

PARS by Department

  • Description: PARS by Department


  • Retrieve PAR information by Department
  • Results show:
    • Par Sequence No.
    • Return Date
    • Unbilled Receivables
    • Reallocation Flag
    • Comment


  • Inputs—required fields denoted by an asterisk (*):
    • *Quarter End Date
    • *OrgID
    • OrgID Rollup (select “Yes” to include all Orgs that rollup to the specified Org)
    • EmplID (blank for ALL)

Security Authorization:

  • Access is restricted to users with PAN WEB, D-Jobs, HRIL Reporter or HRIL Manager access to the specified Home Department.
  • Reports in the Financial Information Library SECURITY folder generate lists of users security authorization.
  • To request access, use the Financial Web Management Reports Security Authorization form. Various levels of access can be requested. To understand how to request the appropriate security, please refer to the Financial Security Overview and Instructions before completing the form.

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