Financial & Human Resources Information Library

Summary of Grants/Contracts (Projects in Fund 5000) by Responsible Person (PI)

  • Description: Grant/Contract PTD by PI


  • Summary of budget/revenue/expense for Projects in Fund 5000
  • Includes Budget,Actuals, Encumbered, and Balance Available as of month end specified
    • Non-personal encumbrances for prior months may differ from what was printed on the paper management reports
    • Thermidor balances are included in the July report
  • Includes Project specific attributes
  • Identifies Projects where the funding end date has ended or will be ending within 3 months
  • Includes ARRA and IDP


  • Inputs—required fields denoted by an asterisk (*):
    • *AE or PI (Responsible Person) EMPLID
    • *Calendar Month (e.g. Jan = 1)
    • *Calendar Year
    • Include Inactive Projects (Yes/No)
    • Include Future Projects (Yes/No)
    • AE or PI (Responsible Person) EMPLID (leave blank to return all AE/PI’s)
    • Project (leave blank to return all Projects)
    • ARRA Awards only? (check the box to view only ARRA awards)
    • IDP Awards only? (check the box to view only IDP Awards)
    • ARRA and IDP Awards only? (check both the ARRA and IDP Award boxes)

Security Authorization:

  • Access is restricted to users with Management Report Security to the specified Responsible Person (AE/PI).
  • Reports in the Financial Information Library SECURITY folder generate lists of users security authorization.
  • To request access, use the Financial Web Management Reports Security Authorization form. Various levels of access can be requested. To understand how to request the appropriate security, please refer to the Financial Security Overview and Instructions before completing the form.

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