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Monthly Expense by Project

  • Folder: FACULTY
  • Description: Mnthly Expense by Project


  • Summarizes expenses into the following categories on the specified Project by month, for a 12 month period beginning with the Calendar Month and Year specified…
    • The following rows sum expenditures posted in the month specified:
      • Salaries and Wages (A)corresponds with the *Total Salaries and Wages row on the Monthly Earnings by Project data extract
      • Employer Paid Benefits (B)
      • *Total Personal Services (A+B)
      • Travel (C)
      • Equipment (D)
      • Supplies (E)
      • Scholarships/Fellowships (F)
      • Honorariums (G)
      • Sub-Awards (H)
      • Consultants (I)
      • Other Services (J)
      • Other (K)
      • *Total Non Personal Services (sum C thru K)
      • **Total Direct Costs (Total Personal + Non Personal Services)
      • Facilities & Administration (L)
      • ***Total Expense (Total Direct Costs + L)
    • The last four rows sum amounts from the project’s inception through the month specified (Project-To-Date amounts):
      • PTD Budget
      • ****PTD Total Expense (Total Direct Costs + L)
      • ****PTD Available (PTD Budget – PTD Total Expense)
      • ****Direct Cost Available (PTD Budget – Facilities & Administration Budget – Total Direct Costs)


  • The following fields are Required—as denoted by the asterisk (*):
    • *Project
    • *Begin Month and *Calendar Year: Enter the numeric Month (e.g. 1 for January) and Year (e.g. 2009) that begins the 12 month period you would like to review. Results will return Expenses for the specified month and the 11 months following.
      • Note: Only transactions that have been processed and posted to the General Ledger are included in the totals. If a Month is included in your output for which the Accounting Period has not yet been closed, the amount displayed may not include all expenses that will eventually be posted in the Month. The ‘Latest Acctg Month Closed’ column identifies the last accounting month for which processing is complete.
      • Note: If the project had any year-end (thermidor) adjustments, they are identified in a separate column following the 12-months, and are included in the 12 Month Total and PTD amounts. This column logically falls between June and July.

Security Authorization:

  • Access is restricted to users with Management Report Security to the specified Project.
  • Reports in the Financial Information Library SECURITY folder generate lists of users security authorization.
  • To request access, use the Financial Web Management Reports Security Authorization form.

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