Financial & Human Resources Information Library

EDR Preparer’s Worklist

  • Folder: EDR Reports
  • Description: EDR Preparer’s Worklist


List of EDRs and ePARs created by the Preparer, between Period Begin and End Dates, in Preparing, Submitted, Complete, Awaiting Certification, Complete (No Change), and/or Review state.


  • Inputs—required fields denoted by an asterisk (*):
    • *Period Begin Date
    • *Period End Date
    • Preparing? (Yes/No)
    • Submitted? (Yes/No)
    • Complete? (Yes/No)
    • Awaiting Certification? (Yes/No)
    • Complete (No Change)? (Yes/No)
    • Review? (Yes/No)
    • *Preparer ID
    • PARs only? (Yes/No)


Results for the Preparer ID entered above include:

  • Employee ID
  • Employee Name
  • Period Begin
  • Period End
  • Requested by
  • State
  • Datetime Submitted or Certification Requested
  • Reallocation Page and Line #
  • Processed to Payroll flag
  • PAR flag
  • Certified By (ePAR only)
  • Certified Datetime (ePAR only)

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