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Accounts Payable

Topics Forms
ACH Campus Order
Gifts, Retirement, Incentive Consultant/Independent Contractor Agreement
Human Subject Payments Direct Deposit, Authorization Agreement
LPC Positive Pay Guest Lecturer/Performer Agreement
Vendor Search Limited Purchase Checks
Voucher Medical Practice Check Order Form
  Payment Request
  Performer/Guest Lecturer Agreement
  Stop Payment Form
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Topics Forms
Approval Signatures – Responsibilities GRAMA
Approvals, Electronic  
Ethical Code of Conduct  
Internal Controls  
University Funds, Use of  
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Endowment & Investment

Topics Forms
Endowment Market Report Quasi-Endowment Agreement Form
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Financial Services Technology Support

Topics Forms
BPAG Security Form – Management Reports
CIS (Campus Information System) Security Form – Payroll Earnings, Benefits & Taxes
Financial Information Library  
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Financial Reporting & Accounting

Topics Forms
Accounting Calendar Activity/Project Setup Request
Chartfields Custom Account Description
• Account (Chartfield Element) General Journal Entry
• Activity (Chartfield Element) Journal Entry
• AU (Allowable/Unallowable) (Chartfield Element) Quasi-Endowment Agreement Form
• BU (Business Unit) (Chartfield Element) SE Journal
• Fund (Chartfield Element) Security Form – Management Reports
• Non-Personal Services Expenses  
• ORG (Organization) (Chartfield Element)  
• Project (Chartfield Element)  
Fund Accounting  
Interface File Transfer  
Journal Detail Search  
Journal Entry  
• General Journal Entry  
• SE Journal  
Journal ID  
Journal Source  
Management Reports  
ORG Head  
Petty Cash Funds  
Restricted Funds, Administration of  
Restricted Funds, Administration of  
Web Journal Processing  
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Grants & Contracts Accounting

Topics Forms
A-21 [OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Circular] Clinical Trial Closeout Checklist and Certification
ABA (Annualized Base Amount) Cost Transfer
Airfare, Fly America Act Educational/Research Educational/Research Traineeship Grant Form
Committed Cost Sharing  
Cost Sharing  
Cost Sharing Related to Salary Limitation  
Effort Reporting  
Fly America Act  
Mandatory Cost Sharing  
Personal Activity Report (PAR) System  
Restricted Funds, Administration of  
Service/Recharge Centers  
Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing  
Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Sharing  
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Income Accounting & Student Loan Services

Topics Forms
  Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit
Deferral of Tuition Loan Change Form
PCI DSS Standard Closure Form
PCI DSS Questionnaire for Terminals Departmental Deposits
Point of Sale Application Petition Form
UPAY Request for Economic Deferment
  Request for School Deferment
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Cost Accounting & Analysis

Topics Forms
A-21 [OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Circular] Cost Sharing
ABA (Annualized Base Amount)  
AU (Allowable/Unallowable) (Chartfield Element)  
Cost Sharing  
Cost Sharing Related to Salary Limitation  
Effort Reporting  
OMB Circular A-21 (Office of Management and Budget)  
Personal Activity Report (PAR) System  
Service/Recharge Centers  
Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing  
Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Sharing  
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Payment Card Acceptance / E-Commerce

Topics Forms
PCI DSS Standard Change Form
PCI DSS Questionnaire for Terminals Closure Form
Point of Sale Application  
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Property Accounting

Topics Forms
Annual Inventory Procedures Inventory Form A and B
Asset Management Notice of Intent to Fabricate Form
Capital Equipment, (Capital Property) Off Campus Authorization Form
Equipment, Security & Accountability Request for Inventory Extension
Government Property Request for Yellow Tags
Insurable Equipment Request to Change Asset Information
Inventory Controller Request to Change Inventory Controller
Inventory Form A and B Retirement/Transfer
Inventory OrgID Lookup  
Inventory Procedures  
Trade-Ins of Excess Property  
University Property  
Write-Off Authorization Letter  
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Topics Forms
Business Meals GRAMA
Conflict of Interest Limited Purchase Order
Encumbrance Merchandise Return Form
Gifts, Retirement, Incentive Purchase Order (PO)
Location Codes & Lookup Request for Proposal (RFP Boilerplate Form)
Ship To Codes General Requisition/General PO
Solicitation Return Form
  Signature Authorization
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Purchasing Card

Topics Forms
Business Meals Cardholder Agreement Form
Purchasing Card Reallocation  
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Surplus & Salvage

Topics Forms
Construction Debris Lost & Found
Donations of University Property Retirement/Transfer
Equipment, Security & Accountability  
Hazardous Material, Disposal of  
Lost & Found  
Refrigeration Equipment and Appliance Disposal  
Selling to individuals  
Trade-Ins of Excess Property  
Transfer Property Obtained through a Contract or Grant  
Transfer Research Equipment to Another University  
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Tax Services & Payroll Accounting

Topics Forms
Cell Phones IRS Forms
Employee Awards W-2, IRS Form
Employee Education Benefits W-4, IRS Form
Exempt Status (Tax), University of Utah W-8BEN, IRS Form
Garnishments W-9, IRS Form
Independent Contractor 1098T, IRS Form
Listed Property  
Moving Expenses  
Non-Personal Services Expenses  
Non-Resident Alien Employees or Traineeship Recipients  
Non-Resident Alien Payments  
Non-Resident Short term Visitor Payments  
Sales Tax  
Social Security Number, How to Get One  
Tax Credits, Hope and Lifetime Learning  
Tax Exempt Status, University of Utah  
Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)  
Utah State Tax  
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Travel Accounting

Topics Forms
Agency Fees (Travel) Airfare, Confirmation Request (See: Step 3: Confirm Itinerary)
Airfare, First Class Confirmation Request – Airfare (see Step 3: Confirm Itinerary/Resevation Form)
Airline Fees Pre-Registration Travel Authorization
Airport Parking Reservation Request – Airfare (see Step 1: AirSelect Request Form)
Audit Fee, Travel Step 1: AirSelect Request Form
Baggage Fees Step 2: Request “ON HOLD” Reservation Form
Business Meals Step 3: Confirm Itinerary/Reservation Form
Car Rental Travel Reimbursement
Cash Advance, Travel  
Churning (Holding Airfare Reservations)  
Closing a Trip  
Conference Prepayment  
Currency Exchange  
Diners Card  
Exchange Fees (Airfare)  
First Class Airfare  
Fly America Act  
Hotel Prepayment  
Mileage (Personal)  
Non-Conventional Lodging  
Per Diem  
Seat Preference Airfare  
State Contracted Fares (Airfare)  
Travel Application Help  
Unused Airfare Ticket Credit (MCO)  
Visitor Lodging  
60 Day Rule  
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