W-2 Frequently Asked Questions

W2 Status

1. How do I get my Form W-2?

Current Employees – Your electronic W-2 will be available by logging into CIS, in the Search Box enter “W-2”, click the “Electronic W-2 Forms” link. If you did not consent to receive your W-2 electronically then your W-2 will be mailed to the current Home Address in CIS by January 31st.

Former Employees – A paper W-2 will be sent to all former employees. All former employees regardless of electronic W-2 consent, will no longer be able to access the electronic W-2.  

2. I either didn’t receive or lost my W-2 Form, what do I do?

All printed W-2 forms are postmarked by January 31st. Please allow two weeks to receive the W-2 via the U.S. Postal Service.

Current Employees

If you consented to receive your W-2 electronically, see above “How do I get my Form W-2?”. Also, form W-2s for years 1999 – 2023 are available on CIS. If you are a current employee that opted for a printed W-2, and didn’t receive or lost your printed W-2, a W-2 reprint can be requested by completing the W2 Reprint Request Form. For future years, please consider consenting to receive an electronic W-2.

To access the information, take the following steps:

1 – Login to the University Campus Information Services (CIS).
2 – Log in with your uNID (University ID number replacing the first “0” with a “u”) and password. If you forgot your password, call 801-581-4000 (or 801-587-6000 for Hospital Employees only) to have your password reset.
3 – After logging in, in the Search Box enter “W-2”, click the “Electronic W-2 Forms” link.
4 – Select “View Form” to view the W-2. The form may be printed.
5 – W-2 online forms are official IRS documents and should be handled as such. The online form will open and print with Adobe Acrobat.

Former Employees

If you didn’t receive or lost your printed W-2, please refer to the W-2 Reprint Request, or contact Tax Services and Payroll Accounting at .

4. The Name or Social Security Number is wrong on my W-2, what should I do?

Your name and SSN must match the information on your Social Security Card. Send a copy of your Social Security card, the incorrect Form W-2 and a note requesting a W-2 correction form to Tax Services at 159, Park Building.

5. My address on the W-2 is incorrect, what should I do?

A corrected W-2 is not required for a change in address. If you need to change your address, see Change Your Home Address.

6. My wages on my W-2 do not match my final check stub of the year. What is the problem?

The W-2 reflects taxable earnings while the check stubs reflect total earnings. To convert from total earnings to taxable earnings, you need to subtract the nontaxable deductions, including parking deductions, FSA deductions (medical and dental deductions, flexible spending account deductions, and dependent care deductions) and retirement deductions (403(b), 457). These deductions are itemized in boxes 12, 13, and 14 of the W-2.

Your Form W-2 is a summary of the taxable earnings received in a calendar year. For the calendar year 2023, paychecks for pay period ending 12/31/22 thru 12/15/23 are included on the 2023 W-2.

7. The check for the last two weeks of 2023 is not included on my W-2. Is this correct?

Yes, This is correct.  The Form W-2 is issued on a cash basis. Any compensation paid to you in 2023 is considered 2023 income. The final half of December was paid on January 5, 2024 and is therefore not considered income for 2023. It will be part of your 2024 Form W-2.

8. My W-2 does not reflect my current salary. How come?

Your W-2 does not reflect your fiscal year salary; it reflects taxable, calendar year wages. The fiscal dates that your W-2 covers are from 12/16/22 – 6/30/23 (13 pay periods) and 07/01/23 – 12/15/23 (11 pay periods). See question #6 for a description of taxable wages.

9. I think I was shorted pay, how do I research this to see if there is a problem?

Please see the description of what taxable wages are reported on Form W-2, box 1, wages. If you still think there is a problem, you need to contact the Payroll Reporter in your department to have him/her determine if you were paid correctly for the calendar year.

10. What is FSA on my W-2?

FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account and includes such items as Medical and Dental deductions.

11. I did not sign up for FSA, why do I have it?

When you elect your Medical and Dental Plans you are automatically enrolled in FSA. This provides that your health insurance premium payments are on a pre-tax basis. The pre-tax payroll deduction can be coded as “FSA Dependent”, “FSA Health”, “FDA Medical” on your paycheck.

12. I have Box 14 questions who do I contact on these items?

Click on How to Read The W-2 and scroll down to Box 14.

13. What if I didn’t have any federal or state taxes withheld according to my W-2?

You may not have had any federal and state withholding taxes if you claimed a withholding exemption, dependents, and or made adjustments for other tax credits/deductions on your W-4 form for the year (Employee’s Withholding Certificate). Check out your tax status through your Campus Information System. In addition, if your earnings are under a certain threshold, you may not have been subject to any federal and state withholding taxes. You can change your Employee Withholding Certificate to adjust your federal withholdings at any time.

14. I am a nonresident alien on a treaty, what tax forms will I receive?

Nonresident aliens who both qualified for a treaty exemption and completed the necessary paperwork, may receive a Form 1042-S and/ or a Forms W-2 showing their treaty exempt earnings/ other wages and taxes. The Form 1042-S is required before you can complete your income tax return. Forms 1042-S are required to be delivered by March 15th. For further information regarding nonresident alien payments, please click here.

15. I worked more than one job at the University this year, will I receive separate W-2 forms for each job?

No. You will receive one W-2 that includes the combined wages and taxes withheld for all University jobs including the University Hospital during the calendar year.