Appointment with Tax Services/Payroll Accounting

Nonresident Alien students and scholars that receive income from University of Utah will receive an email from the Tax Services Dept. providing instructions to utilize the online software GLACIER to complete the required tax forms. Therefore, an appointment with Tax Services is no longer necessary, however, if you wish to make an appointment, please select a date and time below.

If you are not an employee who receives other payments from the University of Utah, you can simply email at about GLACIER access.

You will need to bring your current passport and visa and any previous passport if your first entry as a student or teacher/researcher is stamped in it. You will also need your I-20/ DS-2019, I-94, and a U.S. Social Security Card if you have one.

Your appointment will be at 159 Park Building. (201 S. President. Cir.) Thank you