Tax Services & Payroll Accounting Contact Information

Tax Services & Payroll Accounting Contact Information

USPS Mailing Address: 201 S Presidents Cir Rm. 159 Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9023
Campus Address: 159 Park Building
Phone: (801) 581-3428
Fax: (801) 587-9855
Hours: 8:00am MT to 5:00pm MT, M-F
Associate Director: Vincent Lo
Phone: (801) 581-2386
Vincent Lo
Associate Director

(801) 581-2386
Department management, University tax consulting, unrelated business income tax, FICA refund claims, problem resolution.
Ying He
Manager, Accounting & Finance

(801) 587-9670
Set up or cancel payroll deductions, process U of U Credit Union dedication checks, Sales Tax, United Way checks and benefits refund checks.
Manager, Accounting & Finance
Lan He
Senior Accountant

(801) 585-0382
Prepares Payroll deposits, prepares employment tax returns, handles student FICA exemption issues, payroll tax questions, coordinates W2 processing and answers W2 questions.
Kaylee Vo
Senior Accountant

(801) 581-5414
Nonresident alien payments, forms 1099.
Aidan Romney

(801) 213-7520
Processes gift reporting, reprints W2 forms, NRA FICA refunds, and creates W2 correction forms. Set up out-of-state employee tax exemptions and issues temporary working numbers.
Michael Zoumadakis

(801) 585-9182
Meets Payroll reporting and other deadlines for Garnishments, tax levies, child support, voluntary wage assignments, education assistance garnishments. In addition, processes the monthly Utah State sales tax remittance report.
Edmond Luong
Accounting Clerk

Clerical support.