Tax Services & Payroll Accounting Contact Information

Tax Services & Payroll Accounting Contact Information

USPS Mailing Address: 201 S Presidents Cir Rm. 411 Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9023
Campus Address: 411 Park Building
Phone: (801) 581-3428
Fax: (801) 587-9855
Hours: 8:00am MT to 5:00pm MT, M-F
Associate Controller: Kelly Peterson
Phone: (801) 581-6699
Contact Information Responsibilities/Roles
Kelly Peterson
Associate Controller

(801) 581-6699
Department management, University tax consulting, unrelated business income tax, FICA refund claims, problem resolution.
Ying He
Assistant Manager

(801) 587-9670
Set up or cancel payroll deductions, process U of U Credit Union dedication checks, Sales Tax, United Way checks and benefits refund checks.
Vincent Lo
Senior Accountant

(801) 581-2386
Prepares Payroll deposits, prepares employment tax returns, handles student FICA exemption issues, payroll tax questions, coordinates W2 processing and answers W2 questions.
Kaylee Vo
Tax Specialist

(801) 581-5414
Nonresident alien payments, forms 1099.
Aidan Romney

(801) 213-7520
Processes gift reporting, reprints W2 forms, NRA FICA refunds, and creates W2 correction forms. Set up out-of-state employee tax exemptions and issues temporary working numbers.
Michael Zoumadakis

(801) 585-9182
Meets Payroll reporting and other deadlines for Garnishments, tax levies, child support, voluntary wage assignments, education assistance garnishments. In addition, processes the monthly Utah State sales tax remittance report.