University Sales Tax Exemptions-other states

The University’s Utah sales tax exemption certificate does NOT apply when business is conducted outside of Utah

During the operation of the University of Utah’s exempt mission, the University may conduct business in states other than Utah. Such business might include conducting a conference or participating in collegiate athletic events. Accordingly, the University would like to apply for sales tax exemptions in such other states if allowed by such other states’ laws. The University has applied for some state sales tax exemptions as listed below. When a department conducts business in another state, please check the information below to see if a sales tax exemption might apply. If your department will be conducting future business in a state not listed below, please contact Tax Services. Tax Services can research whether the University may qualify for a sales tax exemption is such state. If the University qualifies for a sales tax exemption in another state, it may take several months to secure the exemption certificate.

Alabama No Exemption No Exemption  
Arizona No Exemption No Exemption  
California No Exemption No Exemption  
Colorado Exempt – Charitable Organization Exempt Colorado sales tax exemption
District of Columbia No Exemption No Exemption  
Florida Exempt – Charitable Organization Exempt Florida sales tax exemption
Gerogia No Exemption No Exemption  
Hawaii No Exemption No Exemption  
Idaho Exempt – Charitable Organization Exempt Idaho sales tax exemption
Illinois Exempt – Education Exempt Illinois sales tax exemption
Indiana Exempt – Education/Nonprofit No Exemption Indiana sales tax exemption
Kansas Exempt – Education Exempt from sales tax, if paid by U funds but not transient room tax Kansas sales tax exemption
Louisiana No Exemption No Exemption  
Maine Exempt – Charitable Organization Exempt Maine sales tax exemption
Maryland No Exemption No Exemption  
Massachusetts Exempt – Charitable Organization No Exemption Massachusetts sales tax exemption
Michigan Exempt – Non Profit No Exemption Michigan sales tax exemption
Minnesota Exempt – Charitable Organization No Exemption Minnesota sales tax exemption
Missouri Exempt – Education/Nonprofit Exempt Missouri sales tax exemption
Montana No General Sales Tax–Sales tax at resorts No Exemption  
Nebraska No Exemption No Exemption  
Nevada No Exemption No Exemption  
New Hampshire No Sales Tax No Exemption  
New Mexico No Exemption No Exemption  
New York No Exemption No Exemption  
Ohio Exempt-Nonprofit Exempt Ohio sales tax exemption
Oklahoma No Exemption No Exemption  
Oregon No state sales tax. City of Ashland has tax on food and beverage No Exemption  
Pennsylvania No Exemption No Exemption  
South Carolina No Exemption No Exemption  
Tennessee Exempt – 501(c)(3) Exempt IRS tax exempt letter
Texas Exempt – Education/Nonprofit No Exemption Texas sales tax exemptionAdditional Information
Virginia Exempt-Non Profit No Exemption Virginia sales tax exemption
Washington No Exemption No Exemption  
Wisconsin No Exemption No Exemption  
Wyoming No Exemption No Exemption