Temporary Working Numbers for Employees Without SSNs

The University may hire an employee who does not yet have a Social Security Number (SSN). Typically, such employees are nonresident alien (NRA) visitors. Internal Revenue Regulations require an employer, such as the University, to obtain an employee’s SSN within seven days of employment. Due to such regulations, an SSN is a required entry on a eForm.

Homeland Security now provides that each NRA visitor goes through a verification process through the former INS. Such verification is required before an SSN is issued. Therefore, it now takes an NRA longer to secure an SSN. An NRA without an SSN can continue employment after the seven day period, if such employee can produce a receipt for SSN application. In such a situation, Payroll Accounting will issue a temporary working number to be processed with the eForm as an SSN substitute.

Payroll Accounting can generally issue a temporary working number immediately to a department which brings the following information to 411 Park:

  1. A receipt for the individual’s SSN application from the Social Security Administration.
  2. Copies of the individual’s visa and International Center issued work authorization letter.
  3. A written acknowledgement by the department (via short memo or email from Payroll Reporter to Vincent Lo) that a copy of the employee’s social security card will be provided to Payroll Accounting when it becomes available.
If a department requests a temporary working number via fax (587-9855) or via campus mail (411 Park), Payroll Accounting will issue the temporary working number the next business day.