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Journal Detail Search is an application that gives details of journal entries. It is searchable by Journal ID , Journal Source , Line Description, Line Reference Monetary Amount, OrgID, Fund, Activity, Project, and Account.

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Journal Detail Search

Transaction Detail Search (journal)


  • This page allows the user to find a “Detail Transaction” that has been posted to the General Ledger when only a portion of the information about the transaction is known.

What is a Journal?

  • All transactions posted to the General Ledger are called “Journals.” Therefore, all Detail Transactions are journals and are identified with a “Journal ID .”

Journal Search Criteria

What’s in a Journal ID?

The Journal ID itself can give you some information about the journal. Knowing the Journal ID structure can help you identify the journal.

All numeric — The number has been assigned by the system and generally means the journal has been data entered by the accounting office.

General Ledger and Ledger Group Definitions

The General Ledger is where all financial transactions are posted and is the source of all financial reporting. The General Ledger consists of the following four separate ledger groups.

  • Actuals — All historical cost information is posted to the Actuals Ledger. Actual cash receipts and disbursements, revenues and expenditures, and balance sheet transactions, such as recording of accounts receivable, inventories, accounts payable, etc. are recorded here.
  • Budget — All budgets that apply to Activities are posted to the Budget Ledger.
  • Project Budget — All budgets that apply to Projects (predominantly Contracts and Grants—Fund 5000) are posted to the Project Budget Ledger.
  • Encumber — All encumbrance transactions that are posted to the General Ledger are posted in the Encumber Ledger. Journals posted to the Encumber Ledger are generally payroll derived from PAN forms, general purchase orders, and stipends. Limited Purchase Orders are not encumbered.

Linking to Management Reports

  • Clicking on the Activity or Project Chartfield, or selected Funds, in your search results will take you directly to the DetailTransaction Management report for the selected chartfield combination. To get back to the Detail Transaction Search page click the “Back” button on your browser.

Optional Search Criteria

  • There are two sections of Optional Search Criteria. They are only segregated to help you locate additional criteria upon which you can search. It is not necessary to identify criteria in each section.

Matches Criteria

  • If you get a message that says “There were no records that matched your query,” carefully check your criteria. The match must be exact. You might also try “Begins with” or “Contains” criteria if “Matches” does not work.