Purchasing Card ReallocationPurchasing Card Reallocation

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What is a Reallocator?

An individual designated by the department to assign PCard transactions to the appropriate chartfields.  Once a Reallocator has completed the necessary training, he or she will be given access to the web-based reallocation system.

What is expected of a Reallocator?

  • Sign on to the Reallocation System often
  • PCard statements will be sent to you monthly, via campus mail, for all the cardholders for whom you reallocate.  Cardholders are responsible for compiling receipts for all transactions listed on each statement (statements may also be printed directly from the Reallocation System).
  • Verify that you have receipts for the transactions that appear for each cardholder
  • Statements must be signed and dated by the individual cardholder and appropriate signer.
  • Retain statements and all accompanying documentation within your own department.
  • Keep purchasing card records for seven years

In The Future, notify the Purchasing Department via a P-Card Update Form for the following:

  • To add or delete a chartfield
  • To change a reallocator
  • To cancel a card

How is reallocation done?

Reallocation of the card is accomplished online via a secure, web-based, reallocation program.  Access is given to this program by the Purchasing Department after the Reallocator has attended training.  A Quick Reference Guide is also available.

What is the monthly cut off process?

“Cut-Off” is the month end process that occurs five business days after the last day of the month.  This process purges all transactions from the previous month. The Cut-Off date for each month is posted on the  Financial and Business Services Calendar as “PCard Reallocation”.

How do I find the cut-off date for P-Card Reallocation?

The cut-off date for the P-Card Reallocation is the 5th business day into the following month at 5 PM. Cardholders will be notified via e-mail of reallocation cut-off dates. There is also a list of dates on the Accounting Calendar, located in the Financial & Business Services pagelet in CIS under Resources and Information.

What happens if I do not reallocate in time?

  • Transactions appearing in the on-line reallocation program with a post date of the given month must be reallocated by the cut-off date.
  • Transactions that aren’t reallocated by the cut-off date will be allocated to the Cardholder’s default chartfield.
  • The Reallocator must then complete a  Journal Entry or cost transfer to correct chartfield errors.

How do I become a Reconciler/ Reallocator?

Your name must be listed on a Cardholder’s Application.  You may also submit an Update to be added as a Reallocator to an existing card.

How do I add or delete Chartfields for a Purchasing Card?

Use the Add or Remove Chartfields  form. Be sure to acquire the Principal Investigator’s signature of any Chartfields you are adding.