2016 W2 Status2017 W2 Status

2017 W2’s have been processed.

  • Electronic W2’s are now available.
  • Paper W2’s have been processed and have been mailed or delivered to departments.

Electronic W2’s

  • Sign on to the CIS and select the Employee page.
  • Click  the Payroll, Taxes and Salary tile.
  • Click on View W-2 Forms and you will have access to your W-2.
    • If you cannot view your W2:
      • Clear Pop-up blockers
      • Try another browser, i.e. Chrome, Firefox etc.
      • Clear your cache and cookies, click here.
      • If you are using Chrome, click here.

Paper W2’s (once they are available)

  • If you did not elect to receive your W2 electronically and are currently employed, paper W2’s were delivered to your departments at the end of January. Contact your department for a copy of your W2.
  • If you did not elect to receive your W2 electronically and are not currently employed, paper W2’s were mailed to the address on file in CIS.

Former Employees

If you are no longer an employee of the University of Utah, your W2 will mailed at the end of January, unless you elected to receive your W2 electronically. If you did not receive it in the mail or elected to receive it electronically, see the instructions above for electronic W2’s, however, select the Affiliate page instead of the Employee page.  Contact the help desk at 1-4000 if you have issues logging in to CIS.

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