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Nonresident Aliens: Please note that the process for Nonresident Aliens has changed. Nonresident Alien students and scholars that receive income from University of Utah will receive an email from the Tax Services Dept. providing instructions to utilize the online software GLACIER to complete the required tax forms. Therefore, an appointment with Tax Services is no longer necessary, however, if you wish to make an appointment, click here to make an appointment.

Tax Treaty Renewal Instructions
Tax Treaty Renewal Form
New Foreign Individual Employees – Important Information
Nonresident Alien Payments
Foreign Source Statement
Green Card Fees Payment or Reimbursement
Honorarium Pmt-Certification of Academic Activity
Language Translation Table for Nonresident Alien Tax Terms
List of 32 Treaty Countries (Scholarship & Fellowship)
Nonresident Alien Employees Info
Nonresident Alien Non-Employee Payments Info
Nonresident Alien Traineeship Recipients
Nonresident Alien Short Term Visitors
Nonresident Alien’s Receiving Tuition Waivers

New Foreign Individual Employees or Traineeship Recipients:

As a reminder, all new foreign individual employees or scholarship fellowship recipients need to complete additional forms in the Tax Services Office. This is to ensure foreign individuals understand their tax responsibilities and any taxes are withheld in compliance with IRS regulations. Click here to make an appointment. Individuals need to bring their passport and visa to the appointment.