Financial System Report Security Form Instructions

  1. Opening the form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Fill out the form by typing the information on the PDF form online.
  3. Fill in the Employee ID, name, department name, and phone number of the individual needing access to the system.
  4. Select whether access is being added or removed by clicking in the appropriate radio button.
  5. Determine what level of authorization is required (Please read Financial System Security Authorization Overview). In BU – 01 & 04, an individual may require access to all Activities and Projects for an OrgID, all Activities or Projects for a specific Fund(s) within an OrgID, all Activities and Projects for an individual whose Activities and Projects are not part of the OrgID requested, and/or specific Activities or Projects not included in the OrgID and not for the individual requested. In BU – 02 & 03, an individual may require access to specific OrgIDs or to all of the OrgIDs for an individual.
  6. For each OrgID, OrgID/Fund, Individual, Activity, and/or Project for which authorization is required, fill in the appropriate OrgID #, Employee ID, Activity # and/or Project # and the name of the individual authorizing access.
  7. Have the individual responsible (or authorized designee) for each OrgID, Employee, Activity and/or Project sign the form indicating his/her approval.
  8. For Payroll EBT access, the completed form must also be verified at the VP/College level.
  9. Print the form and send the Management Report form to General Accounting, 403 Park Building or the Payroll EBT form to Business Analysis & Support Services, 405 Park Building.
    HINT: If the printed form has word breaks in the wrong places, check the “Print As Image” box in the print dialog screen.
  10. If there are not enough spaces on one page for the required security of one individual, complete another form for additional security.