Activity/Project Set-up Request Instructions

  1. Opening the form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Fill out the form by typing the information on the PDF form online.
  3. The first section (2lines) is to be completed by General Accounting.
  4. The second section requires information from the requesting department.
  5. In the “Definitions” section, use the drop down menus to select the appropriate Function and Sub-Function groups.
  6. In the “Purpose of Activity” section, describe why a new “Activity” is needed.  This should include a description of the business activity requiring accounting records separate from already existing Activities.  “To record Revenues and Expenses”” is not a valid purpose.
  7. In the “Specific Source of Revenue” section, indicate the source of funding from outside the University; the University customers, if services are being provided to the campus community; or the Chartfields from which funds will be transferred as funding support.  Also, if the funding is one-time, please indicate the amount.  If the funding is on-going, please estimate the annual revenue.
  8. The responsible person for the request activity and his/her Dean or Vice President must sign the form.
  9. Print the form and send to General Accounting, 403 Park Building. HINT: If the printed form has word breaks in the wrong places, check the “Print As Image” box in the print dialog screen.