Index and Glossary – D

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Deferral of Tuition Loans:

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Departmental Deposits:

Discussion: Proper submission of a Departmental Deposit form will post transactions to the General Ledger for monies that need to be sent to the bank. Direct Deposits that have already been sent to the bank and need to be credited to the chart field should also be processed using this procedure.

| Departmental Deposit Form for Hospital use only | Departmental Deposit Instructions | Department Deposit Training | Departmental Deposit Help Page | Departmental Deposit (credit card deposits) | Ask Us Income Accounting |

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Diners Card:

Discussion: The Diners Club Cards are available to our employee business travelers. We do not mandate use of the cards for any travel expenses, but business travelers who rent a car should have one. Diners Club benefits include:

  • 45 day billing cycle (rather than a typical 28 day billing cycle)
  • Travel Life Insurance
  • Lost Luggage insurance
  • Car Rental Corporate insurance
  • Free membership

| Diners Club Application & Instructions | Travel Services Training | Ask Us Travel |

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Direct Deposit, Authorization Agreement:

Discussion: When a vendor payment is processed using Direct Deposit, the funds will be deposited directly into a designated bank account. Accounts Payable Direct Deposit works much like Payroll Direct Deposit, but are managed separately, and require vendors to submit separate forms to initiate Direct Deposit to one or both offices.

| Web Page with FAQs | Direct Deposit Auth Form | Traineeship Direct Deposit Auth Form | Traineeship Direct Deposit Auth Instructions | Ask Us Accounts Payable |

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Donations of University Property:

Discussion: The University does not have a policy authorizing donations or a process for such transactions to be handled fairly and consistently. Please refer questions to Surplus & Salvage using the web form below.

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