Directory by Funding Agency and Agency IdentifierDirectory by Funding Agency and Agency Identifier

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updated 6/1/2017

Agency Project GCA Contact Phone
Non Federal
General Control 501nnnnn Rob (801) 581-3821
Clinical Testing (Industry Sponsors) 503nnnnn Gary (801) 585-1-5832
Business (Non Federal Flow Through)  505nnnnn Jacque Vigil (801) 585-9550
Julie(Alternate) (801) 585-3689
Associations and Foundations
-Other Associations and Foundations 510nnnnn Sydney and Stacy (801) 581-3871 and (801) 581-3872
-March of Dimes 511nnnnn
-American Cancer Society 512nnnnn
-American Heart Association 513nnnnn
-American Chemical Association 515nnnnn
-Howard Hughes Foundation 516nnnnn
-Muscular Dystrophy Foundation 517nnnnn
-Robert Wood Foundation 518nnnnn
-University of Utah Research Foundation 519nnnnn Gary (801) 581-5832
State of Utah (May be Federal Flow Through)
-Other State of Utah Departments 530nnnnn Sydney and Stacy (801) 581-3871 and (801) 581-3872
-Utah Dept of Health 531nnnnn
-Dept of Human Services 532nnnnn
-Dept of Economic & Community Development 533nnnnn
-Dept of Education 534nnnnn
-Dept of Transportation 535nnnnn
May be Federal Flow Through
Gov’t Agencies (Except Federal & State of Utah) 540nnnnn Sydney and Stacy (801) 581-3871 and (801) 581-3872
Higher Education (Universities & Colleges) 545nnnnn Sue and Justin (801) 585-7118 and (801) 581-3833
Business (Federal Flow Through) 549nnnnn Sue and Justin (CR) and Melanie (FP) (801) 581-3870 and (801) 585-3869
Direct Federal Awards
 Other Federal 550nnnnn Taralyn (801) 581-3870
National Endowment for the Arts 551nnnnn Melanie (801) 585-3689
National Endowment for the Humanities 552nnnnn
Environmental Protection Agency 553nnnnn Taralyn (801) 581-3870
Veterans Administration 554nnnnn Melanie (801) 585-3689
Department of Commerce 555nnnnn Taralyn (801) 581-3870
Department of Transportation 556nnnnn
Department of Interior 557nnnnn
Department of Energy 558nnnnn
Department of Defense 559nnnnn
NASA 560nnnnn
Department of Agriculture 561nnnnn
Department of Justice 562nnnnn
Department of Labor 563nnnnn
Department of Education
-Financial Aid 580nnnnn Julie (801) 585-2561
-Non Financial Aid 582nnnnn
National Science Foundation 585nnnnn
HHS Grants
-HHS Other 590nnnnn Stacey (801) 581-3874
-HHS Fellowships 591nnnnn
-HHS Training 592nnnnn
-HHS Research 593nnnnn
-HHS Financial Aids 594nnnnn
-HHS Contracts 599nnnnn Jenny (801) 581-3873

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