The RESOURCES AND INFORMATION pagelet of CIS contains a variety of applications to look up details about:

  • Accounting Calendar – The Accounting Calendar is a schedule of anticipated dates for Financial Activities.
  • Chartfields – Chartfields has tools to look up various Chartfields using different criteria.
  • Quick Chartfield Validate – Finding Chartfields can be accomplished using Quick Chartfield Validate.
  • Journal ID – Journal ID links to a FS page that is a table of Journal ID References.
  • Journal Source – Journal Source links to a Table of Journal Sources with two columns. (Source and Description)
  • Location Codes – This application helps the users to find location codes or building information.
  • Project Agency Identifiers for Contracts and Grants – This FS Web page is a chart of the Funding Agencies and associated Project Numbers and Grants and Contracts contact information.
  • Assets – This application is used to find assets using various search criteria.
  • Inventory OrgID Lookup – Inventory OrgID Lookup provides information about each of the Orgs that have inventory.
  • Ship To Codes – The list of Ship To Codes is a subset of all Location Codes.
  • Year-End Information and Dates – This FS document details Year-End Closing Information and Dates. It is updated yearly with current information.