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The list of Ship To Codes is a subset of all Location Codes. NOT ALL LOCATION CODES ARE SHIP TO CODES.

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Please use the Ship To Codes for delivery information on your requisitions. This new lookup replaces the Delivery Code to Ship To Code crosswalk previously located at the bottom of the AFS Home Page. Contact the Purchasing Department for any questions regarding Ship To Codes.

What are the numeric limits for searching by Ship To Code?

  • You may enter a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 10 characters.

What should go in the Description Field?

  • A full or partial text description of the building or place you are looking for. For example, if you type in Park you will get Park Building as well as Parks, Recreation and Tourism. If you do not know the code of the location you are looking up, then use this option to see a list of possible locations that might meet your request.

What does Active, Inactive, and Both mean?

  • Active — Chartfield values that are currently active
  • Inactive — Non-active Chartfield values
  • Both — You can choose to include both Active and Inactive in your search. However, remember that you cannot use Inactive Chartfield values for any financial transactions, they are for your information only.

What is the difference between Display and Download to Excel?

  • The results of your chartfield search are viewable on your workstation screen or you may choose to download the information to Excel. Downloading to Excel will require a little elementary formatting of the rows and columns to make the results presentable.

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