Inventory OrgID Lookup


Inventory OrgID Lookup provides information about each of the Orgs that have inventory.

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Selecting Inventory OrgID Lookup opens up Reporting Org Lookup. Criteria is:

  • Business Unit – The Business Unit (BU) is the highest level at which transactions and processing rules can be grouped…more
    • 01 – University
    • 02 – 02 & 03 Hospital/Uni
  • Order by
    • Org ID – The OrgID is the second chart field value listed in the string, is (5) characters long…more – selecting this option will sort the results by the OrgID number.
    • Organization Name – The name of the ORG associated with the OrgID. Selecting this option will sort the results alphabetically by the name of the Organization.
  • Output Options
    • Display on Screen – Selecting this option will display a table also called Reporting Org Lookup.
    • Download to Excel – Selecting this option will convert that data to spreadsheet format with the option to Open or Save the data.

Reporting Org Lookup Table. Columns in the table:

  • Reporting Org – Selecting Reporting will open up another screen called Reporting Org Lookup of the Org for that asset.
  • Department Name – The name associated with the OrgID.
  • Responsible Person – The person who has security level responsibility level for the Org.

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Other Resources

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Please visit the University Regulations Library for Policy 3-040: Property Accounting.

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