Quick Chartfield Validate


Finding Chartfields can be accomplished using Quick Chartfield Validate.


Chartfields can be locating in Quick Chartfield Validate using the following search parameters:

The result of the search opens a table with the following columns:

  • BU – The Business Unit (BU) is the highest level at which transactions and processing rules can be grouped…more
  • OrgID – The OrgID is the second chart field value listed in the string, is (5) characters long…more
  • Fund – The Fund identifies the source of funds…more
  • Activity (Activity number in this column opens the Activity Lookup table for this Activity)
  • Project (Project number in this column opens the Project Lookup table for this Project)
  • Status (Active or Inactive)
  • Funding Start
  • Funding End

FS Training

Training classes are available to learn more about Chartfields:

Other Resources

The Financial & Business Services Index and Glossary has information about Chartfields:

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Financial Services Technology Support Quick Tips

Quick Tips Financial Services Technology Support has prepared a Quick tip regarding Chartfield Lookups

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