This section contains applications to process financial data, including:

  • Chartfield Templates – Use Chartfield Templates to create templates of one chartfield, or a group of Chartfields, used most often when you are preparing a departmental deposit.
  • Departmental Deposits – Departmental Deposits is an online application that allows departments to prepare electronic deposits.
  • e-Journal Entry – e-Journal Entry is a web application that replaces the General Journal Entry PDF form.
  • Granting Financial Authority – Granting Financial AuthorityGranting Financial Authority is used to maintain delegate financial responsibility for an Activity or Project.
  • LPC Positive Pay – LPC Positive Pay is a Financial Application for managing LPC’s. (Limited Purchase Checks)
  • Purchasing Card Reallocation – Reallocation of the Purchasing Card is accomplished online via a web-based, secure reallocation program.
  • Sales Tax Reporting – Application used to report Department Sales Tax electronically.
  • Travel – coming soon.
  • Web Journal Processing – Web Journal Processing is the means whereby accounting data is electronically passed to the University’s general ledger from a method utilized by a department to facilitate its business processes.