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Web Journal Processing is the means whereby accounting data is electronically passed to the University’s general ledger from a method utilized by a department to facilitate its business processes. 

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Other Resources

The Financial & Business Services Index and Glossary has information about Web Journal Processing

General Accounting has an excellent Web Page devoted to Web Journal Processing. Questions answered: 

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ACS Journal File Submit

This is the page where Files are submitted to General Ledger. The following information can be filled out on the screen. 

  • User ID – This defaults to the individual who is logged in to Campus Information System.
  • Source – This is a drop down box. Only the sources that the logged on user has access to, are displayed.
  • File – This is where the file to be processed is added. A “Browse” button is available to help select the file. The file name must start with umerge or hmerge.
  • Processing – choose one:
    • Process and Save File – Choose this option if you are ready to submit your file to the General Ledger. If errors exist, error messages will be displayed and the file will not be submitted to the General Ledger
    • Report Errors Only – Choose this option if you would like to know if any errors exist in the file. If no errors exist, the file will not be submitted to the General Ledger.
  • Display all Headers(s) and Lines – This is any optional check box will display all the Headers and Lines from the submission even if no errors exist. If this is not selected, only the headers and lines with errors will display.
  • Submit File – Select this button when the proper criteria is selected. Some files my take time to process. During processing, do not close the window with the processing message.
  • Uploaded files for this source – this box displays all files waiting to be processed to the General Ledger for the selected source (the source selected in the drop down box above. Three buttons are to the right of the box:
    • View file – a file can be highlighted and this button selected and the contents of the file will be displayed.
    • Delete File – Files that have been added can be deleted before processing starts. Once processing starts, files cannot be deleted. Files are renamed once processing starts and the system does not allow the “in process” files to be selected for deletion.
    • Refresh Listing – This will refresh the contents of the Uploaded files for this source box.

Web Journal Processing Criteria

The following guidelines will help prepare a correct journal: 

  1. The date must be a valid date.
  2. The last line of the file should include a carriage return/line feed.
  3. The following fields should be left justified:
    1. Header – Business Unit
    2. Header – Journal ID
    3. Header – Ledger
    4. Header – Source
    5. Line – Business Unit
    6. Line – Account
    7. Line – Fund
    8. Line – OrgID
    9. Line – A/U
  4. The first character of the each line must be “H” for Header Line and “L” for Line Record.
  5. Blank lines will not be allowed in a journal.
  6. File names cannot be longer than 150 characters
  7. File name may only contain alpha-numeric upper and lower case (A-Z, a-z, 0-9), hyphens (-), underscores (_), and periods (.).
  8. File names cannot contain embedded spaces.
  9. The system will change file names once they have been processed and not allow the file to be deleted.
  10. Duplicate file names cannot be used
  11. Duplicate Headers cannot be used