WFG Credit Card Detail


The UPAY Credit Card Detail allows departments to view their UPay transactions. UPay, created by the University, is the preferred payment application for accepting online payments.

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Selecting UPAY Credit Card Detail opens up the Credit Card Inquires screen. Search criteria:

  • Application – Select your accounts from the drop down list.
  • Date – Enter the date range
  • Submit – selecting submit will open a table displaying details about credit cards

Credit Card Inquires results table has the following columns:

  • To Excel – After submitting the information, an option to load to Excel is available.
  • Date Time Added – The date the transaction took place.
  • Customer ID – a random number or a number that can be assigned by the department.
  • Customer Name – person conducting the transaction
  • Credit Card Name – Name on the credit card (not always the same as the Customer)
  • Credit Card Num – last six digits of credit card number
  • Card Type – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex
  • University Order ID – a number assigned by UPay – needed for refunds
  • Bank ID – left blank
  • Tracking ID – a number assigned by UPay – needed for refunds
  • Order Type – sale or credit
  • Authorized Code – number the card issuer assigned to show the transaction is approved
  • Amount – amount charged to the card
  • Address, City , ST, Zip, Country – billing address of the card holder
  • Phone # – phone number of the customer
  • Count – total number of transactions for the date range selected
  • Total – net amount of the transactions for the date range selected

Other Resources

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