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ePR - Electronic Payment Requests Buying and Payment Guide Rules regarding Meals, Awards & Gifts
ePR – Electronic Payment Requests Buying and Payment Guide Rules Regarding Meals, Awards & Gifts

The University has provided several methods to make payment on an obligation. Below are descriptions of the various methods to make payment on behalf of the University.

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Direct Deposit

When a vendor payment is processed using Direct Deposit, the funds will be deposited directly into a designated bank account. Accounts Payable Direct Deposit works much like Payroll Direct Deposit, but are managed separately, and require vendors to submit separate forms to initiate Direct Deposit to one or both offices.

Campus Orders

A Campus Order is a form used only to pay for goods or services between University departments. Typically, this form is used when a department needs to pay another department for supplies, (Bookstore or General Stores) or services, (Printing Services, Catering, Instructional Media Services, Facilities Management, etc.) or to pay for any other service that a department “sells” to another University Department. Follow these links for Important information about Campus Orders:

Limited Purchase Check

Effective October 1, 2009, the Limited Purchase Check (LPC) program will be restricted to payments to human subjects. The Limited Purchase Check cannot thereafter be used for any other purpose. Kindly do not request new check stock if you do not use the LPC for payments to human subjects. Limited Purchase Check Information:


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