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Off Campus Authorization Form:

Discussion: When equipment is taken off the University campus for business use, a copy of this authorization form must be completed and handled in the following manner:

  • For capital equipment (acquisition cost $5,000 or greater), the completed form must be sent to Property Accounting, 416 Park.
  • For insurable equipment (acquisition cost $1,000 – 4,999.99) retain the form in the department.

Property Accounting must be notified, in writing, within three (3) days of permanent return

of the property to Campus.

When equipment is removed from campus, there is often an increased chance for loss – especially theft. Therefore, every reasonable precaution should be taken to prevent damage or loss to that equipment.


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OMB Circular A-21 (Office of Management and Budget):

Discussion: This Circular establishes principles for determining costs applicable to grants, contracts, and other agreements with educational institutions. The principles deal with the subject of cost determination, and make no attempt to identify the circumstances or dictate the extent of agency and institutional participation in the financing of a particular project. The principles are designed to provide that the Federal Government bear its fair share of total costs, determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, except where restricted or prohibited by law.


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Onsite Travel Agency:

Discussion: The Travel Services Department offers onsite travel agency services to assist campus users to make appropriate airfare, hotel and car rental choices. We book over 5.2 million dollars on airfare transactions for University travelers.


FS TipThe Onsite Travel Agency has access to State negotiated contracts to our most frequently traveled cities and has the authority to discount Delta fares. Delta Discounts are projected to save the University $100,000 this year. Use the 3 step reservation process to book your airfare.

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ORG (Organization) (Chartfield Element):

Discussion: The OrgID is the second Chartfield element listed in the string, is 5 numeric characters long, and represents an organizational unit within the University that has responsibility for resources such as people, space, and funding. OrgIDs are organized hierarchically by rolling up into superordinate OrgIDs as can be seen on the OrgID rollup. The value that identifies an ORG is known as an OrgID.


Example Chart Fields


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ORG Head:

Discussion: The ORG Head is the person responsible for managing all aspects of an organization and is listed as the Responsible Person on the ORG table. Responsibilities of the ORG Head as it relates to signature authority is outlined in the Electronic Approvals Rule, dated 6/25/08, and in the Authorizations and Approvals Policy 3-003.


| Electronic Approvals Rule, 6/25/08 | Authorizations and Approvals Policy 3-003 | Internal Controls Training | Ask Us Financial Reporting & Accounting |

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