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  • Description: Overall Savings Using Concur


The University recommends departments use University Travel Agents to book their travel.  A recent study showed that it cost 8% more for domestic and 14 % more for international trips when departments book the trip.  Several factors are part of these results.  The University of Utah (and the state) has contracts with several airlines for discounted airfare.  Also, the time involved for a department to search for fares contributes to the increased cost.   Using results from fiscal year 2018, this report shows how much more department may have spent not using the U’s agents.

The University of Utah has purchased SAP Concur to replace the legacy Travel system. Based on studies, using Concur will save departments an average of $88.75 a trip. This reports shows how much a department could save with SAP Concur.

This report combines both the savings using University agents and using SAP Concur.


  • Inputs—required fields denoted by an asterisk (*):
    • *OrgID – this is the org booking the trip.
    • OrgID Rollup (select “Yes” to include all Orgs that rollup to the specified Org).


The ” Savings Using U Travel Agents” FIL provides the following results:

  • Org Id
  • Descr
  • Number of Trips – Number of domestic and international trips booked in 2018.
  • Savings using agents – Savings using “U” agents.
  • Savings Using Concur – How much a department saves using concur.
  • Total Savings – Total savings using “U” agents and Concur.

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