Purchasing Cardholder Training

Purchasing Card

Sessions are held in the Purchasing Department located in the Park Building 201 S Presidents Circle, Room 170.

Online Training also available

Course Title: Purchasing Card Training
Instructor: Hamer Reiser, Purchasing Card
Duration: 1 hour
The Purchasing Card Training can be taken either online or in-person. The education teaches new cardholders all the rules and expectations of being a University MasterCard holder. This training is mandatory to obtain a card. It includes an overview of the purchasing card process, discusses university rules and guidelines for the purchasing card specifically, and explains monthly statements along with the approval signature requirements and the procedure of the yearly audit. The online training is available 24 hours a day from the Purchasing Card Department’s website. It is highly recommended that all supervisors take the cardholder training.
Purchasing Card training must be completed online or in-person prior to Reallocator Training. 



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