• Training is obtained after the purchasing card application is received and processed by the Purchasing Department.
  • Cardholder training can be obtained by completing the online training, or by training in-person in our office.  All Cardholders AND Reallocators must obtain training before the Purchasing Card can be picked up.
  • Possession of the Purchasing Card must take place within 90 days of training.

Online Training:

  • A Cardholder may obtain training online. This method is self paced and may take more or less time than in-person training. Training must be completed before a card can be obtained. Completion of the training will be verified by the Purchasing Department.
  • Be sure you select the correct training from the list given—“Purchasing Card Training and Testing”
  • Click here for the training. Once logged in, you will have access to the Handbook and the quiz. Feel free to have the handbook open while taking the quiz.

In-Person Training:

  • In-person Purchasing Card training is held every month on the first Thursday at 9:00 am and on the third Tuesday at 2:00 pm. 1. It takes place in the Purchasing Department located in the Park Building 201 S Presidents Circle, Room 170. Click here to register. Training takes approximately one hour.

Reallocator Training:

  • In-person training is required for new Reallocators, Reallocator training is held immediately after cardholder training in the Purchasing Department. Training lasts approximately 45 minutes. Click here to register.
  • Quick Reference Guide – a one page document that provides the basics of the reallocation application