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Course Title: Endowment Income
Instructor: Laura Howat, Controller
Duration: 30 minutes – 2 hours
This course will help the participant to understand what an endowment is, how they work, as well as when and how endowment funds may be spent. Discussion will include topics such as different endowment types, pooled endowment accounting, spending accounts, and spending policy. Participants will understand how endowments benefit the institution and how spendable income is determined. Common misconceptions about how spending policy works will be “debunked”. NOTE: This course will best meet the needs of the participants when 20 or more are enrolled. There is also a course for non-accountants that describes the different types of endowments; and how the quarterly distribution is calculated. This session is geared toward those who interact with donors as well as those who are account executives for endowment expendable accounts. Have you ever wondered how to estimate how much endowment income your department will have to award scholarships or fund programs? Would you like to know how to calculate this?

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