Financial System Events – $Y$-EVENT$


Knowledge of when specific Financial Events happen can be critical in analyzing financial data. $Y$-EVENT$ lists Financial Event Families (i.e. logical groupings of events) and when these events happen.

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  • Accounting Month Closed – This table lists the date the accounting month is closed.
  • Facilities & Administration (F & A) Posted – This table lists when the ‘Actuals’ and the ‘Encumbrances’ for F&A are posted.
  • Payroll Processing– This table lists the following for Payroll Processing:
    • Pay Period(s) Ending
    • Pay Day
    • Pay Sheet Created
    • Payroll Processing Completed
    • Payroll Posted to the General Ledger
    • EBT’s Mailed
  • Personal Activity Report – The date the Personal Activity Report (PAR) is sent out and the date it is due back is in this table.

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