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Discussion: A Wage garnishment, the most common type of garnishment, is the process of deducting money from an employee’s monetary wages as a result of a court order or voluntary agreement between employee and creditor. The University processes the garnishments in accordance with federal law. There are several common garnishments being served in the University.

  • Child Support
  • Writs
  • Education Assistance
  • Voluntary Wage Assignment
  • Tax Levy
  • Court Judgment

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Financial Reporting & Accounting:

Discussion: The Financial Reporting & Accounting department, as preparer of the University’s audited Annual Financial Report, coordinates all financial transactions posted to the University’s general ledger. General journal entries are processed by Financial Reporting & Accounting while certain other financial transactions, such as accounts payable, Campus Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Deposits, Travel, grants and contracts, etc., are processed by other departments with Financial & Business Services.


In addition to being an accounting resource for all campus departments, Financial Reporting & Accounting’s responsibilities also include producing the monthly Management Reports, reconciling university bank accounts, accounting for all university endowments and long-term debt, preparing the Utah State Sales Tax Return, other government related and ad hoc financial reports, and providing accounting services for the University of Utah Research Foundation.


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General Journal Entry (JE):

Discussion: The form used by campus departments to request a journal entry, to initiate the transfer of dollars from one chart field value to another. Paper journal entries are generally used to make accounting corrections, or to facilitate infrequent transfers. Once properly completed, the journal entry form is submitted to Genera Accounting for data entry and processing.


| General Journal Entry Form | Continuation Form | General Journal Entry Instructions | Journals HelpJournal ID Reference |  Transaction Detail Search Journals Identification Parameters | Policy 3-003: Authorizations and Approvals Required for Financial Transactions | FS Help – Journal Detail Search | FS Help – Journal ID | Web Journal Processing Help | Ask Us Financial Reporting & Accounting |
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General Stores:

Discussion: General Stores is an on-campus supply store for most commonly used items with same-day delivery on stock items and next-day delivery from outside suppliers for most special ordered items.


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Gifts, Retirement, Incentives:


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Government Property:

Discussion: Property owned or furnished by the federal government or acquired by the university with federal funds under the terms of a contract or grant for which the federal government retains title.


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Discussion: (Government Records Access Management Act) The statute that allows the public to obtain copies of government records. Please visit the University of Utah Public Records Center to electronically submit a public records request. Note that the University of Utah Public Records Center should be a link to the site listed above.


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Granting Financial Authority (GFA):

Discussion: Granting Financial Authority is the system to manage signature authority for various financial processes.

Account Executives have ultimate responsibility for financial transactions, but may use GFA to designate alternates.

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Grants & Contracts:

Discussion: A term used to refer to all extramural funds received by the university through a formal grant or contract.


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Guest Lecturer/Performer Agreement:


| Policy 3-111 Service Contracts with Individuals and Other Legal EntitiesPolicy 3-062: Honorarium Payments | Procedures for Completing the University of utah Professional Services/Conslutant Forms  | Guest Lecturer/Performer Agreement | Ask Us Accounts Payable |
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