Evidence of Review – Activity


University policy requires that monthly Management Reports are reviewed each month. “Evidence of Review” is required. This application(EOR) provides an overview of the financial transactions on the Activity during the specified month.

Navigation to Management Reports

  • Log in to CIS
  • Financial & Business Services pagelet
  • Management Reports
  • Click on the “EOR” icon next to the “Responsible Person’s” name. “Evidence of Review” will open with details for all Activities for the Account Executive.

– or –

  • Log in to CIS
  • Financial & Business Services pagelet
  • Evidence of Review. This will open a criteria page to search for all Projects/Activities by Account Executive.

How to use the Evidence of Review tutorial
Evidence of Review (EOR) Video Tutorial

Links to EOR are also in “Activity Lookup



Criteria Page and Frame

When accessing EOR from the FS pagelet, a criteria page will need to be filled out to get results or if you are already in EOR, the criteria page is displayed at the top of the results and can be used to change the criteria of the current results.


  • Inputs—required fields denoted by an asterisk (*):
    • *BU
    • *Activity/Project
    • *Calendar Month (e.g. Jan = 1)
    • *Calendar Year (e.g. 2013)
    • Account Executive Last Name or EmplId – This is the Account Executive for the chosen month/year. This field can also be filled out independently or in combination with the Organization Number or Name field – Either type the Employee ID or name (last,first)— it searches as you type. For an enhanced search, type last name [space] first name to find the “first” name within the name (for example, when an employee goes by their middle name).
    • Organization Number or Name – This field can be filled out independently or in combination with the Account Executive Last Name or EmplId – Either type the OrgID or Org name — it searches as you type. For an enhanced search, type any part of the Org Name.
    • Roll-up – This allows you to view the organization roll-up
    • Status – Allows you to view transactions by Both (Reviewed and Not Reviewed), Reviewed (Reviewed and/or Printed) or Not Reviewed

Reporting Period Status

If the Reporting Period is still open, a message will be displayed: **The Reporting Period is Still Open**. If the Reporting Period is still open, the following options are disabled:

  • Detail Reports PDF
  • Mark Reviewed
  • Indicate Review PDF


The “Evidence of Review – Activity” application provides the following results for the displayed month/year:

  • SEL – Use this to select this row.
  • Account Executive
  • Org
  • Fund
  • Activity
  • Description
  • Cash Balance
  • Fund Balance
  • Current Revenue
  • Current Expense
  • Encumbrance
  • A Count of Detail Transactions
  • Status

Results – Sorting and Filtering

You now have the ability to sort  and filter the search results by clicking on the header for:

  • Account Executive
  • Org
  • Fund
  • Activity/Project

Excel Download

The results of the screen can be downloaded to Excel.  Only selected rows will download.

Detail Reports PDF

This will create the PDF version (Balance Sheet, Summary of Revenue/Expense and Journal Detail) of the selected Management Reports. This report will be emailed to the person logged in to CIS. The selected Activities can be bundled or individually emailed to you.

Since “Evidence of Review” can now be done online, (see Mark Reviewed) it is not necessary to print the PDF. If notations need to be made, a tutorial has been created. Click here to view the tutorial.

Mark Reviewed

Choose this option to indicate the selected Activities have been reviewed. This will record in the system that each Activity was reviewed by the person logged in to CIS with a date/time stamp. This will then display in the “Status” column.

Indicate Review PDF

This will create a PDF of the selected Activities with the following results:

  • Account Executive – If multiple Account Executives are selected, a page break for each account executive will be created
  • Org
  • Fund
  • Activity
  • Description
  • Cash Balance
  • Fund Balance
  • Current Revenue
  • Current Expense
  • Encumbrance

This can be printed and signed indicating “Evidence of Review.”

Annotating PDF

The Management Report can be annotated using Adobe Reader XI. Click here to view the tutorial.

Select Range

The “Select Range” button allows you to select a range of Activities. Select the first Activity and the last Activity and then click the Select Range button and all Activities between the two selections will be selected.

One the report is run, you can right click anywhere on the report and have the following available in the “right click menu”

  • Select All
  • De-Select All
  • To Excel
  • Select Range
  • Detail Reports PDF
  • Mark Reviewed
  • Indicate Review PDF
  • Reset

EOR Versions

Version # Description
2016.6.3 Fix issue allowing users to “Mark Reviewed”
2016.6.2 Fix performance issues
2016.6.1 Cosmetic changes to clarify functions
2016.5.1 Add column to Excel download
2016.3.2 Restore missing search boxes
2016.3.1 System Upgrade – Implemented version control
2015.12.2 Add EOR status to Management Reports
2015.12.1 Fix issue with  mixed case names not pulling up
2015.7.1 Add AE column and sorting.  Insert “Page Break” in “Indicate Review PDF” report for each Accounting Executive.
2014.12.1 Make BU04 Activities available in EOR
2014.11.1 Fix misspellings
2014.7.1 Fix issue where EOR does not recognize name change
2013 12.1 Make EOR accessible to iPad.  Fix status bug
  • Disable “Enter” button when running report
  • Fix issue with fields not clearing when values deleted
  • Fix sorting issues
  • Swap Run/Reset buttons
  • Fix “Error page” when submitting certain parameters for PDF bundle
  • Fix Hover text issue
  • Fix multiple errors AE’s are receiving
2013.3.1 Fix issue with AE name not populating on Prelimary Projects
2013.2.2 Mask amounts
2013.2.1 Fix issue with not all users receiving Detail PDF
2013.1.2 Fix issue with incorrect parameters being passsed from Fund MR to EOR
2013.1.1 Label change on name
2012.12.3 Date Time Stamp fixed
2012.12.2 Change EOR to not display Inactive Activities and Final Projects
2012.12.1 EOR created