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The Endowment Market Report is a CIS application that allows the user to look up Endowments by Activity for Fiscal Year and Quarter.

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Information available about Endowments includes:

  • Change in Market Value – reports the Beginning Market Value, all changes to the Endowment for the quarter, and the resulting Ending Market Value. For comparison purposes, the Ending Book Value/Cost is also displayed.
  • Reconciliation from Management Report to Market Value – reports Total Assets and Ending Market Value and the difference which is the Market Value Adjustment for the quarter. The difference is due to the Market Value Adjustment not being posted to the Endowment until the first month of the following quarter.
  • Beginning Market Value – the value of the Endowment at the beginning of the quarter.
  • Ending Market Value – the value of the Endowment at the end of the quarter after factoring in the quarter’s Net Gifts and Transfers plus Market Value Adjustment.
  • Ending Book Value/Cost
    • Original gift (gift or transfers in the case of Quasi Endowments.)
    • Plus:
      • Subsequent Gifts or Transfers adding to historical cost.
      • Reinvested Endowment distributions.
    • Less:
      • Withdrawals (normally ONLY in case of Quasi Endowments.)
  • Total Assets – the value of all Assets held by the Endowment, which includes uninvested cash and Investments.
  • Net Gifts and Transfers – the value of Gifts, Transfers (in or out) of the Endowment, and/or reinvested Endowment Distributions.
  • Market Value Adjustment – the increase or decrease in the value of Investments for the quarter.
  • Total Net Change for Quarter – Net Gifts and Transfers plus Market Value Adjustment.
  • Cumulative Gains/Losses Since Inception – the increase or decrease in the value of the Investments since the inception of the Endowment.

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Other Resources

The Financial & Business Services Index and Glossary has information about endowments.

Please visit the University Regulations Library for Endowment Pool Investment Guidelines.

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