Accounts Payable

Course Title: Limited Purchase Checks (LPC)
Instructor: Christina Attridge, Accounting Specialist
Duration: 45 Minutes
The Limited Purchase Check (LPC) is an actual check that can be used by research departments to pay human subjects. These checks are prepared as needed by authorized custodians from check stock stored in their department instead of preparing a Payment Request and waiting for the payment to be processed through the payables system. These checks can be given or mailed directly to the subject or guardian. This presentation will provide information about the program including requirements for getting started in the program, common mistakes, and understanding the restrictions. Participants will gain a working knowledge of LPC prohibitions, document preparation and distribution, positive pay procedures and the LPC User’s Guide. Perspective custodians and authorized signatories are required to attend this orientation in order to qualify for the program. Getting acquainted with the following links prior to attending will provide a better understanding of the presentation highlights…

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