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Payment Type: Student & Educational Payments (SP)

Business Purpose: All


  • Payments made to or on behalf of students who are not students of the U of U. This includes individual insurance premiums, student assistance, student contest prizes or recognition awards, payments towards an individual’s student loans, tuition payments directly to other institutions on behalf of an individual.


  • Student Loan Payment: As part of an employment offer letter, the department agrees to pay a portion of an individual’s student loans on their behalf.
  • Tuition Direct to Institution: As part of an offer letter, a department agrees to pay for tuition of behalf of an individual directly to the educational institution.
  • Student Assistance: A student is to be given funding to support them in an extenuating circumstance.
  • Student Contest Price/Award: A student wins a monetary contest prize or recognition award (e.g. “Best Student Tutor”).
  • Insurance Premium: Liability or health insurance premiums need to be paid on behalf of the institution.


  • Invoice, statement, or other document substantiating payment amount. Tuition or insurance payment should include a copy of the individual’s account statement.
  • A copy of the award letter should be attached.
  • Verification of address for the payee. While these payments are not always taxable, a W-9 can be used for this purpose.
  • Department must indicate if the payee is a non-resident alien. W-8 BEN is required for payments to students who are Non- Resident Aliens.

Additional Approvals:

  • Tuition paid on behalf of a current U of U student needs Scholarship Office approval. Tuition paid on behalf of a U of U employee needs “Tax Tuition (Central) Review” approval. Simply click the “Add Approver” button in the Approvals section of the ePR.
  • If the payment needs to be separate from other payments to the same payee, select “Yes” in the “Separate Payment” ePR field.

Additional Information and Resources:

  • These payments often require documents to be included with the check. If this is the case, select the “Stuffer as a Check” under Payment Option.
  • When paying insurance on behalf of a student, the insurance payment stub must be sent with the check.

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