ePR - Scholar/Fellow/Traineeship ePR – Scholar/Fellow/Traineeship

Payment Type: Scholar/Fellow/Traineeship (SF)

Business Purpose: All


  • One-time or reoccurring payments made to students for educational purposes which are not dependent on the student performing any kind of service to the University.


  • Fellowship/Traineeship: A traineeship grant designates funding to pay a fellowship/traineeship for an individual.
  • Scholarship: A department allocates funding each year to award an individual a scholarship to help support educational costs.


  • UID or verification of address for the payee. Department must indicate if the payee is a non-resident alien. While these payments are not tax reportable, a W-9 can be used for this purpose.
  • Scholarship /Fellowship/Traineeship Form and award letter.
  • Recurring Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  • W-8 BEN is required for payments to students who are Non-Resident Aliens.

Additional Approvals:

  • Student and Department Chair signature on the Direct Deposit Authorization.
  • When the scholarship advances the career of an existing University employee, add Kelly Peterson in Tax Services to the approval workflow by clicking the “Add Approver” button in the Approvals section of the ePR.

Additional Information and Resources:

  • Direct deposit is required for 3 or more recurring payments. If only two payments will be made, please submit two, separate/single requests.
  • Review the Educational Payment Decision Document.
  • ePRs cannot be submitted unless the project number(s) being used is in “Open” status.

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For Preparers:

For Approvers: