ePR - Royalties & FundingePR – Royalties & Funding

Payment Type: Royalties & Funding (RY)

Business Purpose: All


  • Payments for copyright permissions, donations, patent expenses, royalties, seed funding, or stock purchases. Requests related to publishing fees and sponsorships must be submitted through UShop.


  • Donation: A department would like to donate money to a charitable organization. Sponsorships are NOT considered donations and must be submitted via USHOP.
  • Seed Funding: A department has agreed to provide seed funding for a start-up that will benefit the department’s research mission.


  • Invoice, contract, donation form, or document detailing and substantiating payment amount and payee address.
  • W-9 if vendor is new or their information has changed.

Additional Approvals:

  • If the donation is >$1,000, add your VP to the approval workflow by clicking the “Add Approver” button in the Approvals section of the ePR.
  • No additional approvals needed.

Additional Information and Resources:

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