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Payment Type: Study Participants (PS)

Business Purpose: All


  • • Payments to individuals who have been the subject in research studies or have participated in stakeholder and advisory group meetings.


  • Study Participation: A human subject is compensated for participating in research.
  • Advisory Group Participant: An individual is compensated for participating in a stakeholder and advisory group meeting funded by University activities and sponsored awards.


Study Participation:

  • Documentation should include confirmation of which study was involved (e.g. Protocol #). Also, ensure that any sensitive medical information is redacted.
  • Patient Reimbursement Request form
  • W-9 if vendor is new or their information has changed.
  • W-8 BEN is required for payments to Non-Resident Aliens.

Advisory Group Participant:

Additional Approvals:

  • The study subject and study coordinator/advisory group organizer should initial or sign the documentation indicating their confirmation of the visit/participation.
  • No additional approvals needed.

Additional Information and Resources:

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