ePR - Independent Contractor/Consult (<$5,000)ePR – Independent Contractor/Consult (<$5,000)

Payment Type: Independent Contractor/Consult (<$5,000) (IP) Business Purpose: All


  • Payments to an individual or other legal entity performing work or services for the University.


  • An individual or company provides consulting services for a research project.
  • A company needs to be paid for web design services.
  • An artist is commissioned to complete a work of art.


Additional Approvals:

  • No additional approvals needed.

Additional Information and Resources:

  • Any payments to active University of Utah employees must be made via Payroll Ad Comp, not through ePR.
  • University Rule 3-100D—Purchasing Thresholds 
  • University Policy 3-111—Contract with Individuals and Other Legal Entities 

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For Preparers:

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