ePR - Employee ReimbursementePR – Employee Reimbursement

Payment Type: Employee Reimbursement (EM)

Business Purpose: All


  • Reimbursement to University employees for expenses incurred on behalf of the University. This can include mileage reimbursements for travel <100 miles from the University.


  • An employee paid out of their own pocket for extra plates when the supply for an event ran low.


  • Receipts or per diem calculation.
  • Mileage Log (if for mileage reimbursements)

Additional Approvals:

  • Employee’s supervisor (if not included in GFA).
  • If reimbursement of sales tax is requested or if the reimbursement is for recruitment expenses add your VP to the approval workflow by clicking the “Add Approver” button in the Approvals section of the ePR.

Additional Information and Resources:

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For Preparers:

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